A simple, proven way to boost
your business performance.

3rd Party Logistics

Never deal with obsolete products. Have an endless aisle of products from different sources without having to stock inventory and tying up your cash on slow movers.

Channel Management

Commissions designed for you. Catalyst offers a commission management system that is highly customizable so that it fits your business today, and highly scalable so that it meets your needs tomorrow.

Mobile App

A mobile company portal. A customizable company portal app that revolutionizes the way you receive reporting, process equipment sales, record progress and get company alerts.


Wide range of services to
assure satisfaction and
increase your revenue

At Catalyst Business Innovations, we understand that no two businesses are alike. So we start by listening, asking questions and understanding your business. Only then do we draw upon our considerable experience and a full spectrum of back-office and sales support services to craft a solution tailored specifically to you.

Catalyst Business Innovations - Revenue


Make Your Life Easy with Our Services

Customer Service

Save money and unload headaches with our call for traditional customer care and technical support.

Logistic Services

Experience a true end-to-end logistic solution: From procurement to end-user fulfillment to returns, and everything in between.

Product Sales & Distribution

We manage a tremendous inventory so you don't have to. You can offer your customers a broader range of products without tying up your cash on slow movers.

Channel Management

Catalyst utilizes a proprietary multi-carrier commission accounting and reconciliation system designed specifically to support the complexities of the indirect channel.

Invoicing Management

Catalyst provides end-to-end AP automation that brings together communications, documentation, and payments.

Field Sales Support

If you want to have the greatest impact on sales, you need to go to where they are happening. We provide merchandising support, training and side-by-side selling.


Use your android or ios device to manage everything

We've created an app to revolutionize the way you receive reporting, process equipment sales, record site visit and manage your team. The Company Portal App is not only a great way to support your sales team who are always on the go, but for the rest of the company.


Our systems are designed to create programs
that fit the goals of every business

Catalyst Business Innovations - Revenue
Catalyst Business Innovations - Fast Cash Fast Cash Generation System

Create programs that generate extra commissions for retailers' employees or staff to help drive selling behavior.

Catalyst Business Innovations - Create Goal Create Goal Driven Programs

Our systems give you the ability to create tiered level programs based on activity and performance.

Catalyst Business Innovations - Customer Relation Customer Relation Management

Roll out marketing campaigns to engage existing customers. Our systems can easily integrate with 3rd party CRM programs.


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