Channel Management

We handle commission tracking, reporting, payment and reconciliation better than anyone. Money comes in, money goes out, and you need to track every penny of it. If only it were that simple. You really need systems that actually designed to support the complexities, not just tell you what it is. Catalyst utilizes a proprietary multicarrier commission accounting and reconciliation system explicitly designed to support the complexities of the indirect channel. Have the power to cut costs and support innovative compensation programs that drive sales.

Catalyst Business Innovations - Commission Management Commissions Management

Catalyst offers a commission management system that is highly customizable so that it fits your business today, and highly scalable so that it meets your needs tomorrow.

Commission Payment Processing

  • Payments by check or Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Flexible schedules (weekly, monthly or user-selected)
  • Variable commissions based on production tiers and product type (activations, features, upgrades, etc.)

Commission Package Generation

  • Easy-to-understand commission package
  • Available in printed, online, PDF and Excel formats
  • Commissions can be separated among multiple locations

Subscriber Contract Administration

Delinquent Contract Notification

Easy Commission Reconciliation

  • Commission payment inquiry available by mobile number
  • Automated reports of unpaid commissions by carrier
  • Ability to use real-time carrier connectivity to ensure accuracy
  • Mobile Number Transaction Search

Chargeback Administration and Collection

  • Chargebacks are collected against any commissions owed
  • Chargebacks may be for the full amount or based on proration
  • Collection letters generated for uncollected chargebacks

Internal Commissions Capabilities

  • Set up commissions and goals for your Internal Team
  • Receive day-to-day reporting for each team member

Dashboard Financial Reporting

  • Detailed Expected Commission Report
  • Quick view of financial status

Catalyst Business Innovations - Invoice Management Invoicing Management

Catalyst provides end-to-end AP automation that brings together communications, documentation, and payments.

  • Payments by check or Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Dealer Invoice Management System: We've simplified the verification process for payment eligibility
  • Auto Invoice: Automated process to invoice an activation or an upgrade on behalf of the dealer